Pick up the Cameras

 “We need to put down the censors’ scissors and pick up the cameras” because “the power of the cinema surpasses that of the schools, the pulpits, and the press and always has greater effects”: these are the words of Blessed James Alberione, who initiated his cinematographic activity on March 18, 1938.


  1. When did he write that? It sounds like it's from his later life, after he had established his orders and institutes, and was having to play defense against folks who only perceived the danger of cinema, and thought it essentially frivolous.

  2. Good point. This was from 1938. It would be interesting to trace his thought from the early years (book burnings!) to the late 60s. His thought really did progress and develop. There is a new book out by Sr Luigina Borrano, fsp who was one of the first Paulines to work in the Cinema. It is in Italian so Sr Margaret Joseph, who is attending this year's Conference, will give us an overview of Alberione and Cinema.