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To communicate is to imitate the divine. Communication spirituality is a way of life that harmonizes Gospel values with the means presented to us in modern communication technologies. It is not a matter of flight from the means or a condemnation of the means. It is accepting them as gifts of God for apostles of today, saints of today. Blessed Alberione wrote: “We cannot pass ourselves off as reactionaries or supporters of ignorance. We will not be heard. The Church fears only ignorance, falsehood and incomplete knowledge.”


  1. Thanks. I agree that given the charism of social communication APC would be well placed to be where new technology is heading, equally so the interventions would need to be well designed for the target audience in order to make a decided impact.
    Wishing you all the best in this new blogspot.
    In Christ's peace,
    Pauline Cooperator - Manhattan

  2. Thank you Margie! Glad for your input.

  3. Comment placed on the Pauline Laity blog:
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    Sr Margaret Kerry fsp said...

    Thank you. I appreciate any insights that you will be able to provide. I assume you are familiar with the Paulines in Toronto or other locations. Sr Margaret
    March 8, 2010 11:29 AM