Day of Radio Evangelization

The Department of Communication of the Latin American Episcopal Council (CELAM) celebrated with UNESCO and the entire world the Day of the Radio.A note sent to Fides Agency presents the initiatives organized by CELAM for this occasion, in particular a web page and an invitation to all local Catholic radio stations to send an audio message in MP3, in which the contribution of the issuer to evangelization and the pastoral plans of one's own diocese are highlighted. The messages will be shared in the appropriate page on the site of CELAM ( remembers that the radios are the most common means of communication used by the Church, and is the most important in Latin America and the Caribbean."The radio is one of the finest treasures of the Church. The messages enter into the minds and hearts of the listeners and facilitate communication and communion. The Catholic radio are tools that work for peace, love, education and the defense of life. Thanks to these wonderful techniques, human society has taken on new dimensions, time and space have been exceeded, and man has become a citizen of the world, partner and witness of the most remote events and events of all humanity ," the statement concludes recalling the Paul VI's Message. (CE) (Agenzia Fides 14/02/2013)
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